13 Cute Halloween Shirts for Kids to Wear at School

If you’re looking for cute Halloween shirts for kids to wear at school, you’ve come to the right place.

Because Halloween falls on a weekday this year, I’m sure many parents want to send their kids to school in something festive. Some may even be over the top and send them in a costume. Well, as a teacher, please don’t send kids to school in actual costumes, because learning will still be taking place and kids don’t need the distraction. But, there’s nothing wrong with sending your child to school in these kid friendly Halloween shirts. 



1. Scary Cute

This scary cute Minnie Mouse shirt is available at Amazon . I personally love all things Disney. A Disney Halloween is no exception


2. I Only Love My Candy and My Mama, I’m Sorry

Sposix has  this Drake inspired shirt that gives homage to kids two favorite things: their candy and mama, of course.


3. So Franken Cute

Wondering Owl Designs has this FRANKEN cute design, perfect for Halloween


4. I Ain’t Scared Bro

This cutesy, never scared spider shirt by Bee Cute Kids could be worn by both girls and boys.


5. Personalized CandyCorn

Bits and Pieces by SK candy corn shirt incorporates the trendy unicorn theme seamlessly with Halloween. Plus, it can be personalized with the child’s name


6. Trade Sister for Candy

Stockberry Apparel never disappoints with their designs. They even have a Will Trade Brother for Candy version.


7. I Make Mummy Moves

Check out this Cardi B Bodak Yellow inspired mummy moves halloween shirt by Our 5 Loves. I love shirts that are trendy!


8. Floss Like a Boss

Kids will love this shirt from Amazon . My son loves to floss around the house. If you have a hip kid, ask them to floss for you. It’s hilarious!



Kitty and BoBos Designs kept this shirt super cute that can be worn any time. Definitely not limited to Halloween.


10. Spooky Dude

Spiders, skulls, and bats, Oh My! Happy Lion Kids keeps this Halloween shirt spooky, but cute. 


11. Candy X-Ray

Teenie Tees X-Ray shirt that captures the candy that many kids will be filled with is so unique. It’s even available in multiple colors.


12. Paw Patrol Treats Please

Old Navy has a few cute Halloween shirts featuring characters, like the Paw Patrol.


13. Dab for Candy 

Will the Dab ever die? Well Rustic Cuts Co killed it by using a skeleton dabbing for candy.



Check out these halloween school shirts kids can wear to school over at Arrow and Bliss. #halloween #halloweenshirt ##kidsclothes #backtoschool

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