5 Must Have Features for the Ideal Home Coffee Bar PLUS FREE PRINTABLE WALL ART

I’ve compiled the 5 must have features for the ideal home coffee bar. Plus grab our free wall art printable to add to yours!

I am a coffee gal. I LOVE MY COFFEE. I gave it up while I was pregnant. Only slipped twice in nine months. As a Christmas gift LL (the hubby) bought me a Keurig. YAY!!! This is the PERFECT gift for me to indulge in my coffee addiction, but at the same time save money from those trips to Starbucks. I mean, I can’t even shop at Target without a venti in hand. But I have to have somewhere to house Red (my name for the Keurig). The perfect reason (plus Ikea is coming to town) to create a coffee bar. I’ve been searching and compiled 5 must have features for the ideal home coffee bar (besides the coffee maker and bar/sidetable).

#1 Chalkwall/chalkboard

coffee_casahausI would LOVE to just paint my wall with chalkboard paint for the background of my bar. Showcase the beverages available and leave little cute notes and reminders. Unfortunately, we have textured walls and writing on it would appear atrocious and sanding it seems like too much work for what is suppose to be a small project. So while we can’t do a full wall, a framed chalkboard would work just the same. (via Casa Haus)

#2 Stackables


This coffee bar seems simplistic enough for anyone to recreate. My favorite part (besides the chalkboard of course) is the stackable coffee mugs. Great space saving idea that prevents a cluttered look. Be sure to head over and check out the entire room featuring before and after pics.  (via An Inviting Home)


#3 Open Shelves


Open shelves are a perfect storage solution vs closed cabinets for a home coffee bar. You want to make sure everything is in reach and accessible from syrups, sauces and sugar to cups, saucers and napkins. Simple Stylings is a girl of my own heart because those open shelves allow for quick and easy access to the wine (but out of the kids reach). (via Simple Stylings)

#4 Personalization


Whether you add your family’s name or a simple monogram, personalization is a must for me. Gray House Studio takes personalization to the next level. I love the fact they have their name on the chalkboard. Its a welcoming feature to guests and also a reminder to yourself, hey that’s ME! I DID THIS! But it doesn’t end just at the chalkboard. They even have their coffee cup sleeves personalized for their guests. Check them out for a closer look at it… and everything else. (via Gray House Studio)

#5 Not JUST Coffee

coffee_thriftydecorchicOkay, sure, its a coffee bar, but kids drinking coffee is frowned upon. If I don’t have something for them, THEY will be in my coffee, bouncing off the walls and all frowns will be on me. Anything I have, my kids will eventually get to, so I might as well make it kid friendly. Have cocoa on hand and marshmallow toppings.  Don’t forget a tray of muffins like what’s showcased here and fruit for you and the entire family to enjoy. (via Thrifty Decor Chick)



IMG_coffeeI almost left this off the list simply because it goes without saying. My coffee bar has to have style. So maybe coffee bean candles with real coffee beans, flowers, wall decals or a wall art print. Something to make it pop. And of course, I wouldn’t mention wall art without giving you this 8×10 as a freebie. You’re welcome!

“Nope, not momming until I have coffee” 8×10 printable


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