Free Weekly Chore Chart for Kids

If you’re in need of a weekly chore chart for your kids, this free printable is for you. 

It’s summer break here at the Long House and my kid is in desperate need of some structure. Being the paper and design loving mommy that I am, I created him his very own weekly chore chart and thought I would share it with you all.

The color scheme is fun and festive, perfect for both boys and girls. What I love most about this chore chart is that it sets a goal and leaves space to offer an incentive or reward. Throughout the day, just check off each task they have accomplished and at the end of the week tally-up the points. If they meet or exceed their goal you can reward them. It could be as small as picking a movie for movie night, ice-cream, computer time or something special like a trip to Chuck E Cheese.

I left the chore spaces blank because all kids have different chores and responsibilities. It could include brushing teeth, making bed, reading a book, anything your child should be responsible for. 

If you want to do like I did, get some dry erase markers, a laminator and laminate your printed chore chart. (I have the 12 inch wide version, because it allows me to laminate posters and placemats, but I’ll save that for another post). Grab some magnetic strips or dots and attach to the back of your laminated chart. Now you have a chore chart you can have on your refrigerator and reuse again and again.


We also offer an editable version of the chore chart! This option is perfect if you have multiple children or want to personalize it with your child’s name. You can also type in the chores, reward & goal instead of writing it. With our premium version, everything that is highlighted blue can be edited. How awesome is that! Grab your Editable Weekly Chore Chart designed by Victoria Shari at Arrow and Bliss




Just Want the Free Chore Chart?

Grab it Below!








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  1. This would have been great for when our kids were little and still home. Sharing with my daughter pretty sure she is going to love this chore chart.

  2. Such a cute idea! Our little one is still a bit on the young side for any sort of chore chart, but I see myself doing something similar as she gets older.

  3. That chart is so stinking cute,I will have to share this with my cousin. She will love this, her son is 3 now! I love how colorful it is I would even use this heheh.

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