How to Invite Classmates to Summer Birthday Party

Summer birthdays are awesome! Inflatable bounce houses, slippery water slides, fluffy cotton candy, colorful snow cones and grilled hot dogs. Sounds like the recipe for a perfect party, right? But if this party is for your little one’s birthday you may run into an issue, how do you invite school classmates to a summer birthday party? Well, I have 3 easy ways to invite school friends to a summer party, even if you don’t know any of the parents.   

1. School/Class Directory 

Most schools or teachers have a directory that lists the contact information (phone numbers and addresses) of students and parents who opt-in. I remember when I was in school, we had a school directory and that’s how I was invited to summer parties. My classmates or their parents would either call my mom or mail the invitation. 

Just don’t be weird about it. Call first and introduce yourself. State that your child and theirs are classmates and that you got their contact information from the school directory. Be sure to say your child would love for theirs to come to a party/sleepover if they’re not busy. You can then either text the invitation or mail the invitation.  

My son’s school doesn’t currently have a directory, so if you’re like me and this isn’t an option, keep reading. 


2. Remind Contacts 

Remind is an app that many teachers use to keep in touch with parents. Literally, my son’s teacher is a text away. The cool thing about it is that it does not reveal your phone number, everything is through the app. They also have a feature that allows everyone in the class to contact each other (unless the teacher disables this option). You can ask for addresses or send a digital invitation straight through the app. You can send the message to the entire class, to a certain group of parents, or to individuals. Next to each parent’s name is usually their child’s name in parenthesis, so no worries about accidentally inviting the class bully or feeling obligated to pay for a party for 25 when you can only afford 15. 


3. Save the Dates 

There is nothing wrong with save the dates for summer parties, just keep it simple and fun. It could even double as an end of year class favor that you attach candy, treats, or a small toy to. Make sure it includes a short message about the party with the tentative date, your child’s name, and your name/phone number to text to be added to the party list. You could include email instead, but I think cell phone number is better because you can simply reply to the text with party deets or a digital copy of the invitation . 

Hopefully this helps you as you try to make your child’s summer party a smash with family and friends. My son’s birthday is in July, so we’re most likely going to go with the save the date option since I’m already doing end of school favors, which I’ll be sharing next week!



If your child has a summer birthday, I bet you're wondering how to invite his classmates before school let's out. Victoria Shari at Arrow and Bliss shares her 3 top ways.


How do you handle summer birthday invites? 

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