Llama Party Ideas You’ll Love Plus FREE PRINTABLE

“What’s going to replace the Unicorn party trend?” Llamas, of course!

Yes, Llamas are definitely dethroning the beloved Unicorn (but let’s keep those fat-sugar-induced-coma unicorn cakes around a little while longer). If you’re looking for llama birthday party ideas, you’ve come to the right place.




Every party starts with an invitation and these are Llama approved! What’s so great about a Llama themed party is that it is suitable for so many things, a girl or boy birthday, retirement party or even a baby shower!

Designed by yours truly at Party Treatment. Llama Birthday Invitation. Demo before you buy. Available from Party Treatment

I might be slightly biased, but I LOVE the fact that you can demo my designs before you buy. Plus, no waiting for proofs and you can download your choice of PDF or JPEG and make as many changes as you’d like in 30 days. Oh and use code ARROWANDBLISS1 for 20% off this llama invitation.


Designed by the amazing folks at 3PeasPrints

This Llama-zing card available at Pretty Plain Janes

This Llama Baby Mama invite can be found at Charly Creates



I have fallen in LOVE, Soiree Love, that is. Dee, the beauty and brains behind Soiree Love, has created some awesome balloon packages, and luckily she’s got the Llamas covered. If your party has more of a fiesta flavor, she’s got cactus and fiesta packages as well. I just love finding new faves! Can’t wait to feature some of her stuff in my own parties and celebrations.
Get your complete balloon set at Soiree Love

Target will come through e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e for every occasion. I don’t know why I ever doubt them.Llama Birthday Party Collection by Spitz at Target

If you’re into instant download party printable decorations, you should check out this collection



If you’re having a themed party, you might as well dress the part. A personalized shirt for the birthday girl and Llama tribe member attire for the family (and super close friends).

Designed by Haute Bebe Boutique



A llama pinata is only fitting as the essential party game!
Get this one at Shindigz. 

This instant download Pin-the-Gift on the Llama is a great option. Love that it is available in different colors.

Instant Download available at Tara Reed Designs

If you’re on the hunt for llama themed baby shower printables check out this or this. 



See the picture tutorial on how to make this Watermelon cactus from Watermelon.org

When I think of Llama, I think of Mexico. Are Llamas indigenous to Mexico? (I’ll google it) Anyway, I then think of tacos. But at a party, kids are running around playing. You want something that’s grab and go, like these mini taco cups. 

Get all the deets from Kevin and Amanda

For a pre-cake treat, cookies are a go-to for many, including us at Arrow and Bliss. These Llama cookies via Flour Box Bakery sure fit the bill.

Don’t forget something sweet to wash down all the food. For a kids birthday party, you can’t go wrong with juice boxes or juice pouches. Luckily, I’ve created these juice pouch labels that fit perfectly on top of Capri Sun and Kool-aid jammers juice pouches. Available at Party Treatment.

These llama juice pouch labels created by Party Treatment are perfect for a llama party.


Nothing brings more excitement to kids at a party like bringing out a cool cake. These Llama cakes will definitely do just that! It’s amazing how a cake can create a whole new craze, but yet here we are.

Via Pinterest

Via Windy City Dinner Fairy | Food Stylist

Via the Cake Topper by Monique



Stampers are always a favorite among younger children. In various colors these, by Tiny Mills, are sure to be a hit. Also consider Llama inspired water squirters, notepads for the stamp, and a favor box to put them in. 

Personalized Llama party fruit snack favors

These Llama fruit snack favors are too adorable. Yes, I am tooting my own horn a little bit. I personalize the front with name and age, print and seal a packaged bag of Welch’s fruit snacks inside. They make for a great party favor to go.



While, I don’t have an actual play list you could use, I thought Luda could put a smile on your face and get you in a Llama partying mood as he puts a twist on a classic children’s story.


via Power 106 Los Angeles 


Do you have any ideas or hopes on what the next party trend will be? Share it in the comments below! *I’m personally rooting for STEM themes*


If you like these particular watercolor llamas and want to incorporate them into your party by creating your own party signs, cupcake toppers and printables (or even want to use them for commercial purposes), grab them here! **psst they’re free for a limited time**






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  1. What a great idea for a llama party! Everything looks so adorable … if I had a daughter, I’d definitely organise this kind of party for her. Great pics!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a cute theme idea for a birthday party! I want to do it just for the cute llama cake and cookies!

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