Personalize Coffee Sleeves for Your Home Coffee Bar

If you have your own coffee bar or coffee station at home, make it even more unique with personalized coffee sleeves using the Silhouette Mint machine.

I’m so excited to FINALLY have the time to start getting my coffee bar together. Keurig coffee machine? Check. Espresso machine? Check. Disposable cups with lids for guests on the go? Check. Wall art? Well, I’m working on that part.

But, one thing I wanted to do first, was design a logo and give my little coffee station a name. Luckily, my son is full of ideas. He’s a lover of The Loud House, so he suggested “The Long House Breakfast Bar” as opposed to “Mommy’s Coffee Bar”. He said his name was better because he eats muffins and drinks coco, not coffee. My kid is a genius. So, that’s the name we’re currently rocking with. When designing the logo, I even used some cool fonts that look similiar to those on The Loud House.

And if you’re wondering if disposable cups with sleeves are necessary for your home coffee bar, let me answer for you: yes, they are. 

My sister recently visited for the weekend from out of town and had to wake up early to drive back. Luckily, she didn’t have to stop by McDonald’s for a coffee, because my coffee bar was “semi” ready for her. At the time, I at least had the disposable cups. And if you’re not lucky enough to have an amazing sister that drives from out of town to visit, think about yourself. Sure you can have a travel mug, but what if it’s dirty? I’m so guilty of this. Thankfully, my to-go cups are always waiting on me.

So if you want to know how to personalize coffee sleeves using Silhouette Mint machine, below is everything included in your Mint stamping kit

Make personalized coffee sleeves for your home coffee bar using Silhouette Mint. Learn more at Arrow and Bliss.

The mint machine, 4 ink bottles (red, yellow blue, black), Mint Studio User Manual and installation disc, 15mm x 60mm stamp kit, 30mm x 30mm stamp kit, USB Cable, Power adapter and 1 month free trial subscription card for free designs from the Design Store.

Supplies Needed for Personalized Coffee Sleeves:

  • Coffee Sleeves 
  • Silhouette Mint Machine kit
  • *Optional* Larger Stamp set (I added on the XX Large)


How to Create a Personalized Coffee Sleeve:

1. Design Logo

  • You can purchase a logo or design your own in another program, such as illustrator, inkscape, or photoshop and import it as a PNG or JPEG.  You can also design it within Mint Studio that comes with the machine. If you’re stumped on where to find graphics, no worries, because Silhouette has the Silhouette Design Store that offers the cutest coffee sayings and graphics, many only 99cents. Plus, with the purchase of the Mint machine, you receive a free month subscription to download designs. If you’re looking for the coffee and muffin icons I used, check out Flat Icons and search for coffee and muffins individually.
  • Make sure you open design in Mint Studio and select the appropriate stamp size and center within the borders (not touching). I used the XX Large rectangle stamp 45mm x 90mm but the X Large 45mm  or 30mm would work for smaller circular or square designs.

2. Choose Stamp Filter

  • Once your design is ready, select the Stamp Filter. Play around with the different options and threshold until the preview of your stamp is to your liking. For this design my stamp filter was “standard” and my threshold was “21.2”

3. Print Using Silhouette Mint & Assemble

  • Now it’s time to send to Mint to print. Simply follow the on-screen prompts. Step 1: Double check filter is like you want. Step 2: Click “Start Mint”. Step 3: Insert stamp sheet as shown. Do not remove the plastic or cardboard until AFTER it is done printing. Remove adhesive backing from the base and attach the stamp. 

4. Add Ink

  • Next, add ink to your stamp. Focus on the design parts only. Set the stamp to the side and allow it to absorb the ink for 15-20 minutes.

5 Stamp & Enjoy!

  • Finally its time to stamp. Before stamping the coffee sleeves, stamp scrap sheets of paper to remove the excessive ink. When the stamp print is to your liking, stamp your coffee sleeves.

If this sounds like complete gibberish, or you’re more of a visual person, check out this tutorial to see the Mint machine in action.

Make personalized coffee sleeves for your home coffee bar using Silhouette Mint. Learn more at Arrow and Bliss.


Just consider this the first sneak peek at what you’ll find at my coffee bar breakfast bar. It will make its grand appearance just in time for Pumpkin Spice season, I can’t wait to finish and share!



Make personalized coffee sleeves for your home coffee bar using Silhouette Mint. Learn more at Arrow and Bliss.

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