That Time I Went Viral for Getting Fit.

With each New Year we all usually resolve to be a better version of ourselves. For many, fitness is usually on the list. Well, in that sense, I’m just like everyone else. Luckily, I know how to lose weight… if you dangle $10,000 in my face, I will lose it…FAST.

Which brings me to the time I *kinda* went viral. Back in 2013, Genghis Grill hosted a Health Qwest. Basically 100 people ate at Genghis Grill (FREE) for 60 days. The person who lost the most weight (percentage wise) won $10,000. I lost 25 pounds and finished 14th out of 100. I made mention of it in a facebook group and got thousands of likes, shares and comments on different platforms (and some companies stole the picture to sell some type of weight loss drug).

I was able to keep the weight off over a year. But when my mother passed away, I became an emotional eater and packed the weight back on. Then I had my second son and packed some more on. Now I’m back at where I started…but this time no one is dangling money in my face to lose the weight. Instead its going to be sheer intrinsic motivation.


Ambitious? Yes! Impossible? No!

I will be doing milestone and monthly entries to share my progress, tips, and tricks along the way. And the best thing about this: I’ll be doing it without a gym membership, nutritionist, or trainer. So if I can do it: YOU CAN TO! 

I say I, but I should be saying WE. As in my best friend and I. It’s supposed to be BFF, best friend fitness challenge. Hopefully she’ll drop in and introduce herself… SOONER….rather than later…. ahem… JESSICA. LOL.

So do any of you have any fitness resolutions for the new year?



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