The Ultimate Guide to Planning An Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Are you looking for a fun theme for a holiday party? An ugly Christmas sweater party is perfect for all ages. As you prep, enjoy this Ultimate Guide to Planning an Ugly Sweater Party.

I’ve been tapped to help plan this year’s family Christmas party. The theme: Ugly Christmas Sweater. As I’ve been prepping, designing and researching, I thought I’d share this ultimate guide in helping you prepare as well.



Eat Drink and Be Ugly. Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Invitation by Party Treatment recommended by Arrow and Bliss

As a stationery designer, I know the importance of invitations. They set the tone for the entire event. Our family is more laid back, so instead of printing and mailing the invites, I created this invitation as a JPEG digital file that was texted to everyone. Less formal than printed invites, but waayyy cool than a simple text or phone call. Be sure to stress the importance of wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. 

2. Party Attire


It’s not an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party if you don’t have the ugly Christmas sweaters. Isn’t Alyson’s, from, DIY tacky sweater festive, but still fly?! I’m girl crushing a little bit. You can definitely DIY a sweater, but you can also get a light up sweater  and add a cool/tacky light up ornament necklace. Or take it up a notch! You can grab any ugly christmas sweater and pair it with these hilarious pants to guarantee you’ll win! If you have party poopers who do not arrive uglified or tacky, grab some sweaters or vests from Goodwill, attach bows to them and hand them out to those who “forgot” the dress code.



Sometimes it can be hard to find decorations for an Ugly Sweater Christmas party. However, these 12 inch paper lanterns, would make for great party decor! Plus, they come in SETS OF 6! You could also get a ugly sweater banner to hang on the wall behind the food or dessert tables. For my DIY lovers, these christmas light balloons are a really inexpensive way to add an even more festive look. Just a quick note: you can buy green cups from Walmart or Dollar Tree (no need to waste time painting).

5. Food and Drinks

Let’s be honest, people go to parties for booze, food and fun (my BFF). If you’re throwing a themed party, carry it all the way through to the food and drinks! These ugly sweater cookies from And Everything Sweet would be a hit! The good thing about this, if you’re not good at decorating, it works in your favor! You can even make a cake using this sweater pan.  As far as drinks, stay with the Christmas colors and try out one of these recipes, and don’t forget the ugly straws!

6. Games and Activities

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Drinking Game


For the 21 and up crowd, this ugly sweater themed drinking game is sure to get the party started. You’re welcome. But the game I’m most excited to play is the Saran Wrap Ball Christmas Party Game introduced to the world by Awesome Jelly. It’s a game perfect for all ages. You could even have one for the kids and one for the adults. In addition to this interactive game, consider playing a team game of electronic taboo and karaoke. Finally don’t forget to have a photo booth to capture it all, with themed photo props of course.

7. Favors, Prizes & Awards
Eat, Drink & Be Ugly. Ugly Sweater Christmas Party coffee mug favors.

Don’t let your guests leave empty handed! They went through all the trouble of finding the ugliest attire, at least reward them. For party favors, we decided to go with custom mugs, designed by me of course, that will be filled with either a hot cocoa kit or mini whiskey bottles. We’re from Tennessee… we’re classy like that.  You can also pass out these trophies for winners in different categories, which kids would love. 


But if you’re giving awards and prizes, be sure to keep it fair and let everyone cast their vote using a Ballot box like the one shown above

Can you tell how STOKED I am for this party?! Anyone else throwing an Ugly Sweater Christmas party? Share your tips & plans in the comments below!


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