Tutti Frutti Party Planning Guide

Are you ready to plan or host the ultimate Tutti Frutti party? This unique theme is perfect for a TWO-tti Frutti two year old birthday, a summer bash, or even a baby shower for twins! I’ve created the Ultimate Guide to Planning a Tutti Frutti Party. so keep reading.




This Tutti Frutti or TWO-tti Frutti invitation is an editable instant download. Perfect for a 2nd birthday party, summer bash, or twins baby shower.

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If you didn’t know, I’m a stationery designer (owner of this shop and another in the works) and I definitely know the importance of invitations. They set the tone for your event.  A light yet whimsical baby shower invitation like this or maybe an adorable second birthday invitation with photo like this will sure get a crowd ready to celebrate. Whether you decide to print and mail or just get a digital copy to text to family and friends, make sure it’s personalized and memorable.

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This cute tutu set can be found at The Little Queen Bee

Some may ask, “Is it necessary to have made to match party attire?” Yes, it is VERY necessary. While you could get something as cute as the twotti frutti tutu set above, you could also opt for a simple fruit inspired outfit like these. I personally think all parties hosted in the summer should have water activities just so a child or mom could have a reason to wear these adorbs fruit swimsuits.



This gorgeous personalized printable set is available at Party Buddy

Often times it can be difficult finding decorations for unique party themes. Luckily, this theme is easy peasy in the decor department. If it’s tutti frutti, JUST ADD FRUIT! You can use fruit shaped balloons like these, fill vases with real or fake lemons or oranges, hang fruit inspired banners and display paper pineapple honeycombs or a set of fruit hanging lanterns like these. I also offer these (seen below) editable instant download twotti frutti juice pouch labels that fit Capri Suns and Kool-Aid Jammers perfectly in my etsy shop.

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4. Tableware

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 If you’re having a party, your guests have to eat and drink something. No, I’m not letting you mess up ANY dishes, unless it’s a punch bowl and you’re making the classic party sherbet ice-cream punch. THAT’S THE ONLY EXCEPTION. Please paper plate it! After you’ve planned a party, the best thing in the world is not washing dishes! 


5. Food 

Via Hello Wonderful

The menu for a tutti frutti party should naturally involve fruit. I love the idea of setting the fruit up as a display for a baby shower. For a child’s party, I think having them in ice-cream cones is more realistic. Kids will be running around and this grab and go food option would work, no forks needed. You could also make fruit shaped cookies, watermelon rice krispie treats, and a fruit pizza. But of course, you can still have real food like grilled chicken  over rice served in a pineapple bowl (well, maybe that’s too fancy…or is it?) or keep it simple with pepperoni pizza and use cookie cutters to turn the pepperoni into cherry or strawberry shapes.


6. The Cake

Courtney shares all the amazing things for this second birthday on Pizzazzarie 

Yes the cake is separate from food. Why? Because it’s an experience in itself. Everyone takes pictures of two things at a party: the guest of honor and the cake. Now this could go one of three ways. First, you could get a sheet cake from the store and not stress (boring). If you do decide to get a sheet cake, at least add fun fruit fondant decorations or an edible image. The second is to get a custom cake made. I love the look of tiered cakes on a party table. The third way is to combine the first two options. Even though the look of tiered cakes are awesome, I hate cutting them for a large group of people watching me and wondering “are those straws? ” Instead you could get a faux cake like this to set up on the party table and take pics with, but serve a sheet cake. Yes, people actually do that! Plus, when you’re done you can always sell the fake cake or keep it as fun decor.


7. Games and Activities

New Tutti Frutti Matching Game available via Amazon

Games and activities should be fun, but don’t feel that all your party games have to be all about fruit. BUT since this is the ULTIMATE GUIDE to planning a Tuttti Frutti party, it will be! You have to have a fruit pinanta. No way, getting around it. Be sure to fill it with an assortment of frooties and fruit inspired candies. If the celebration is for a two year old, a small strawberry inflatable pool like this would be a hit. You could also grab a set of fake strawberries and a pack of berry baskets for a fruit toss. Have guests find a partner, one will hold the berry basket while the other holds a bunch of strawberries and tries to throw as many strawberries in their partner’s basket as they can within 30 seconds. The pair with the most strawberries IN THE BASKET wins.


8. Favors

Custom temporary tattoos at Teeny Paper Co

 After the fun is over, treat your guests with party favors as a thank you for coming.You can  You could even create personalized chip bags just for the occasion! If you need a template or want to know about assembling chip bags that can be filled with chips, candy or small trinkets, let me know!



Water bottles, Capri Sun labels, food tent cards, favor tags, gable box stickers, invitations and more! I’m sure you’ll find something to make your party extra frutti!

Check out these twotti frutti party printables that you EDIT yourself! Created by Party Treatment



Planning a tutti frutti birthday party or baby shower? Check out this ultimate guide tomake sure your party is the tutti frutti-est! List compiled by Victoria Shari at Arrow and Bliss



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